Buenos Aires, among the safest in America 2022.

Buenos Aires, among the safest in America

There are many factors that a buyer takes into account when choosing a property.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires, among the safest in America 2022. Patricio Dragobratovic
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The property is the place where the buyer will live with his family, where he will work every day and live a large part of the works of his life.

As we analyze in different opinion columns on this site and in other journalistic media that they regularly consult.

Real-estate market

The ubication. The price. The brightness. The orientation or the type of distribution represent relevant factors when defining the purchase.

But there is one that is rarely talked about, which in my opinion is transcendental. I mean the security of the place we are acquiring to live.

Because people’s lives, physical integrity is always a priority. Even if they offer us a mansion at a very attractive value in a highly dangerous area, it will always be a matter of prioritizing the peace of mind of the family.

When life is at risk, the buyer undoubtedly chooses a safe place.

Of course, in a city not all neighborhoods or all areas are highly dangerous and that is why when insecurity and the degree of crime in an area are present, the value of the property falls but also the quality of lifetime.

Although it affects the entire city or region, the neighborhoods with the lowest degree of criminal incidence will undoubtedly be the most in demand.

This does not mean that because security measures are taken people are not exposed to suffering a criminal act. Because this is not a 100% guaranteed issue, that depends on the state policy.

Although the probability for the degree of prevention, depending on the place, can be considerably lower.

What are people asking for?

The buyer simply asks to go to a place where he can leave early in the morning, take the children to school and travel without fear.

Back to work night. Park the car in the garage. and that it is not a rule or a very great probability that there are criminals hanging around.

Buenos Aires the safest city in America

There are buildings or enterprises where private security. Security cameras, both public and private, act as deterrent tools for criminals.

But that is not enough because the criminal act may be just around the place where one chooses to live.

That is to say, it is a whole set and a reference state policy for the safety of the population.

Therefore, if the territory as a whole is safer, the level of risk will also be safer.

The city of Buenos Aires has been investing systematically in technological tools and infrastructure and crime prevention methodology for many years.

Achieving very significant advances, in terms of prevention, deterrence, apprehension of the offender and the good clarification of different criminal acts.

This last point through the action of justice

System of monitoring cameras, digital rings to control this traffic, effective in the different blocks of the city, rapid action groups. and offender displacement neutralization programs.

They were achieving results in the fight against crime, managing to transform Buenos Aires into one of the safest cities in the American continent.

Although the city of Buenos Aires has hundreds of attractions and is one of the most cosmopolitan capitals in Latin America.

The safety factor is one of the reasons why many people want to move to the city.

In 2017 it was considered the safest city in Latin America. And in 2021, the British newspaper  The Economic ranked it as the second safest city in the American continent.

Buenos Aires is at number 34 in the world ranking of safest cities .

live in a safe place

It also represents a preponderant factor that improves the quality of life of families.

Americas safest cities
Buenos Aires

There are many cases in which people tired of fear and insecurity in other jurisdictions decide to sacrifice square meters to live in a safe place.

Some decide to move to the city. others move away from the cities to places in the interior.

Although this last option is not possible for everyone and to which family, work and educational roots can be a barrier.

The safest areas of Buenos Aires

Most of the avenues of the city have very good lighting. Permanent traffic and greater pedestrian movement. Which makes them safer than internal streets.

Light is an important factor at night. Because the surprise effect of the offender is more frequent at that time of the day.

That is why when we analyze the price of a property we have special consideration in this factor.

The avenues can use more luminous to the houses. offer us an open view and also collaborate with the safety factor.

The safest neighborhoods :

The label that Buenos Aires is one of the safest cities in Latin America does not mean that there are no areas with incidence of crime.

Madero Port

It happens in all cities from New York, Toronto, Madrid, Havana to name a few examples.

The Time for Argentina website considers Puerto Madero to be the safest neighborhoods . North Quarter. Belgrano. Recollect. Palermo and Barrio Parque.

In turn, we can make visible the data from the city government security observatory that provides information.

But beyond the territorial analysis by neighborhood and considering that each neighborhood may have safer areas than others.

The Villa Crespo case , for example. which is a central neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires I want to cross the main avenues.

  • Honorio Pueyrredon
  • currents
  • Scalabrini Ortiz
  • Cordova
  • san martin avenue
  • Dorrego
  • john b just
  • gallant angel
  • State of Israel
  • Warnes

In this case, they represent very safe places. Illuminated, with permanent circulation of both vehicles and residents.

It makes these areas unfailingly safer than darker blocks that are more permeable to criminal action.

In short, what we propose as a preponderant factor for choosing a property is clearly seen by numbers.

Among the neighborhoods that grow the most in Buenos Aires , are the safest.

Buenos Aires is one of the cities whose square meter has a higher price than in other cities in the country or in the region. Mainly for the safety factor.

The neighborhoods mentioned by the tourism site that I referred to coincide with the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city.

Like the cited example of the avenues in Villa Crespo.

For these reasons, the analysis to determine the value of a property is not only a mathematical matter.

Requires analysis of the social and geographic context of where the property is located, even within the same neighborhood or block.

Fuente : Noticias Real Estate – Diego Migliorisi 

Patricio Dragobratovic

Patricio Dragobratovic

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